My Sweet Little Sister!

First we were three. Me, amma, and acha. When we prayed god we got a small baby. The day she was born, her legs and hands were pink in color. When she came home, we kept her songs for her.. also acha made her a cradle. After some days, she started drinking water.. so acha bought her a bottle amma helped her to hold the bottle and to sip then she was angry and took the bottle from amma she started drinking water on her own. Then she started to roll on the mat and then she started to crawl after some days and began to smile at us and make sounds. We went to town to buy some things… amma saw a plastic shop and saw walker for sanju we bought it. When we came home we made her sit on the walker she began run here and there. When she became some big, she started to walk on her own she started to climb and get down from the bed then amma bought a doll for her. That time acha was in Kerala.

On November 26 it was her birth day !!!! We decided to have a party for our friends. We invited Sparsh, Sadhayarajan, Sachiel and his sister, Kokil, Kundavi to celebrate Sanju's birth day party.We bought cake, chocolates, cutlets, ice creams, return gifts, and decorative items, ordered dinner for the party. We all enjoyed that evening very much! Here are the photos!

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